Peter McGuire

Peter McGuire

NY Licensed Real Estate Broker & Owner
Licensed as John Peter McGuire
Smith Hanten Properties LLC
Office: 718.834.0300
Mobile: 917.447.3220

Born in London; reared in Dublin and a New Yorker by choice since 1990 … Peter’s first real estate purchase was in 1995 at the age of 26 – he purchased a foreclosed co-op for $ 22,000 in Sunnyside, Queens. He sold it 6 years later for almost 7 times the original purchase price.

Peter has owned co-op’s and condo’s; bought & flipped foreclosures; been a renter & landlord; served as a Treasurer on co-op and condo Boards; acted as a general contractor/developer of a four unit condo property and successfully executed a 1031 like-kind exchange. For these reasons, he can educate and advise his clients speaking from first-hand knowledge and experience.This immigrant’s American dream is alive and well and living in Boerum Hill, Brooklyn. He visits a dog park every day in the shadow of the federal courthouse where he was sworn in as a US citizen. How is that for local?

Peter believes that real estate is not about location, location, location but where you are in life.

Two years into his new real estate career, Peter had a crisis of conscience … do I really help people ? or am I just peddling a product and lining my own pockets? After some thought he decided on the three main reasons why he is a real estate broker :
(1) After food, shelter is the next important human need.
(2) To provide housing solutions – usually this is for happy reasons … hey – we just got married … we are expecting a baby (hey it’s TWINS) … or sometimes for sad reasons. Real life happens while we are all making plans.
(3) To create & preserve wealth.
Paragraph one above highlighted Peter’s personal gain. He can do the same for you – he believes real estate is about “get rich slow” especially when your investment returns are growing while you are sleeping. Using his knowledge of the rental market, construction and shrewd negotiation he can add value to any transaction and dispense a “million dollar idea” or two to clients who ask for his guidance and advice.

When he is not intently focused on work, Peter enjoys going to the dog park with their goldendoodle Stella, frostbite sailing and spending quality time with his beautiful wife and young family. His favorite charities are the 5P Minus Society & the Cri Du Chat Research Foundation.