New biz alert – Amano Cafe just opened up at 222 Smith Street in Cobble Hill Brooklyn

New business alert on the NW corner of Smith Street & Butler Street in Cobble Hill – steps to the F and G subways at Warren Street – please welcome Amano Cafe – this is their 2nd brick-and-mortar location (the first location was at 172 West 4th Street in the West Village, NY 10014) – see their Instagram page here with over 9,000 followers!

From their website …

100% of our coffee is picked by hand (‘a mano’), helping sustain an ecosystem that allows premium coffee producers to thrive in times of mass production. With year-round harvesting throughout Latin America and direct relationships with hand-selected farmers, our beans are as fresh as 10 days from origin to cup. You’ll taste the difference in a single sip.

100% of our cocktails are handcrafted and mixed with freshest ingredients.

Their current opening hours (posted on the front door) are :

Monday to Thursday from 7am to 3:30pm and from 4:30pm to 00:00am 

Friday from 7am to 2:30pm and from 3:30pm to 2am

Saturday from 8am to 2:30pm and from 3:30pm to 2am

Sunday from 8am to 3:30pm and from 4:30pm to 00:00am

Ex-tenants in this commercial location were Angry Wade’s  (1999 – 2020)