Interactive storefront – bridging the gap between clicks and bricks

Smith Hanten


Retail hasn’t gotten any EASIER in the past decade … so that means “still-in-business” existing retailers must have gotten BETTER at reaching their clients and customers … Here’s how Smith Hanten decided to innovate and invest on “bridging the gap between clicks and bricks” …their interactive storefront …


Every week thousands of clients & customers walk past their brick & mortar storefront on Smith Street in Brownstone Brooklyn between Bergen Street & Wyckoff Street (opposite the 24hr diner that they brokered in 2003).

Using QR codes & you tube video tours the FOMO / instant gratification crowd of buyers and renters (and landlords checking prices) can instantly tour a new listing that catches their eye.

FYI – a lot of phone cameras already have QR code recognition built in – no need to download another app.

The key benefits are … 
1 – You don’t have to talk to a broker to get a lot of info & Smith Hanten are truly open for business 24/7. They can be showing apartments at 4am !
2 – Less wear & tear on the apartment/townhouse esp if it is currently occupied or it is raining / snowing outside.
3 – Brokers save time with unwanted viewings/questions & are not hounding your current tenants (or you) for access.
4 – Potential renters/buyers can move forward or pass on the property in 3 minutes instead of arranging a 20 – 30 minute viewing.

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery – can Smith Hanten’s new idea help your brick and mortar store or service ? … their real estate brokerage has offered CARE, GUIDANCE, and PROTECTION to clients and HONESTY and FAIR PLAY to potential customers on the same block for the past 39 years – Smith Hanten are hyper-local without the hype … good luck house hunting or tenant sourcing in 2020!