one-on-one broker coaching

Is your broker/ manager giving you the proper guidance & attention to reach the top of your real estate game?

Are you already at the top of your game and you want to stay motivated and on task?

Peter McGuire has over 2 decades of successful real estate experience in Brownstone Brooklyn. He has paid his dues by meeting over 15,000 clients and customers in this fast-paced NYC industry and he has completed over 1,000 successful deals relating to residential rentals & sales, co-ops, condos, foreclosures, townhouses, commercial rentals, and development. There is nothing academic or rote about his approach. He offers individualized attention to make you more productive and efficient. Two heads are better than one and can give you the competitive edge you require in today’s marketplace.

Whilst every brokerage firm in NY provides certain resources to put an individual salesperson or broker in a position to achieve success, every individual must grow their own business.

Contact Peter for an initial discussion and to see if Smith Hanten can help you reach the next level in your real estate career.

Thank you for your time – we hope you have a prosperous year ahead!